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When you are deciding where to purchase tires for your car, there are quite a few options to choose from. There are even more options when it comes to which  tire to buy. For some people the abundance of choices can be a bit overwhelming. Do you just want an all-season tire that you can leave on your car year round or do you want to purchase summer and winter tires. It will cost a bit more up front to purchase summer and winter tires, especially if you get an extra set of rims for the winter tires but in the long run I think it is the best choice.  Your tires will last twice as long because they will only be used for half the year and it will be much safer since you are using the proper tire for the conditions throughout the year.  If you live somewhere that has a cold, snowy winter I highly recommend getting a good set of snow tires.

   A lot of people put off a tire purchase because of the high expense but if you postpone your purchase too long you could have an accident while driving on your worn tires that will most likely cost you a lot more than buying a set of new tires.  Places like NTB Tires have an excellent online store to simplify your tire shopping experience. You can educate yourself with all the different brands they carry so when you get to the store you are ready to choose the right tires for you. They also offer full vehicle maintenance so you can get any other needed work done on your car while you are there. This will help save you some time by only having to take your vehicle to one shop.

NTB Tires – How They Roll

In 1997, Tire America combined forces with National Tire Warehouse (NTW) to become National Tire And Battery, or as most people know them, NTB Tires. The company was bought by Tire Kingdom, a Florida based company, in 2003. They have a price match guarantee, so if you see an ad for a cheaper price on any of the products they offer, then you can get the same item for that price. They offer a wide variety of wholesale tires online and in store, including but not limited to Firestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli and BF Goodrich, as well as racing tires, so if you have been wondering where to get tires next time you need them, they would definitely be an option to consider.

ntb tires

NTB Tire Sale
NTB Tires do not limit themselves simply to road rubber, however. They also sell batteries, and offer a whole laundry list of services, from oil, lube and filter changes to battery and tire replacements to alignments, brakes and more. They use state of the art equipment for your automotive maintenance, their technicians are ASE trained & certified, they offer warranty protection nationwide, and they have 1,200 participating service locations across the US. If you are not near one of their locations, Big O Tires in the West, and Tire Kingdom and Merchant’s Tire Centers primarily in the East and the South are all affiliated with NTB Tires which is also located mainly in the eastern states.

If you are looking to start a long term relationship with any of these interconnected companies, they do offer a preferred customer line of credit, and if you spend over 200 dollars with them at any given time they have a special financing offer that you will qualify for automatically. In addition, with your tire purchase they offer free alignment checks, 22 point car inspections, a 30 day ride guarantee on your tires, and a lifetime of tire rotations, but this offer is excluded with specialty orders, and their tire installation packages do cost extra.

ntb tires sale
Big Wheel Keep On Turnin’

While NTB Tires does offer a lot of services, is it the best option to meet your auto needs and desires? Well, let us see how it stacks up to a couple of its competitors. Some of the other big name stores that offer similar services and products are Discount Tire Co. and Les Schwab.

Discount Tire Co. was founded in 1960, and is in 23 states with over 800 locations across the US. Les Schwab got their start in 1952, and only has stores in 8 states, all on the west side of the country, one of which being Alaska, but it still manages to have over 400 locations. So we have one with 70 years in business, one with a little over 60 years in business, and one that got started only 15 years ago. Going by years of experience, NTB Tires might not be the go to guys. In terms of availability, Les Schwab is the lowest on the list, unless you live on the West Coast, then you are pretty much set, considering there are over 400 locations spread out through only 8 states. Discount Tire is more widely spread out across the country with 23 states, but with almost three times as many states and only twice as many locations as Les Schwab they are far apart.  Murphy’s laws states that wherever you get a flat you will be at the farthest point from one of their locations.  On the other hand with NTB tires and the other three affiliates they have in Big O Tires, Merchant’s Tire Centers, and Tire Kingdom, NTB Tires is without a doubt the most populated throughout the states, though if we took away their partners it’s a good question how well they would rank.

Then we have the most important parts, the selection, the deals and the service. It seems that Les Schwab has the least to offer where variety of selection is concerned, though they do cater to commercial vehicle and farm equipment customers as well, while Discount Tire Co. has the most diverse selection with 37 different brands of tire to choose from, and then various models within each brand, and National Tire and Battery lands somewhere in the middle of these two with 16 brands. Discount Tire Co. also offers a store credit card, but in my own personal opinion, Les Schwab has the best promotion out of any of the three of them; they do an annual promotion offering free beef with the purchase of a set of tires. Les Schwab’s attendants are also the most prompt; they literally run out to meet you as part of their customer service policy, so I think they win in the service category as well. It is kind of fun to drive in for a tire change and pretend you just pulled into pit row at a NASCAR race. Next time you are faced with the question of where to change tires, hopefully you take what was said here into consideration and it helps.

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