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Any brand of tire can be found at NTB tire sale stores in the United States. NTB is an acronym for National Tire and Battery it is a US based company that provides almost all type of automobile services. NTB has a chain of 226 stores throughout the United States. The NTB brand was formed in 1997 by Sears; NTB was formed from the Tire America brand and the National Tire Warehouse brand, batteries were included with the tire brand due to their very high quality. Sears later sold the brand to TBC Corporation in 2003. The reason provided by Sears was the varying domains of retail operations of Sears’s department stores and NTB stores.

NTB have tires from almost all the brands to choose from like Yokohoma, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop etc. You can get the tire of your specification for any type of automobile from NTB tires. NTB has trained personnel to help you guide through the complete process of inspecting your old tires and advising you on which tire’s brand to select from. NTB has been in the market for almost 16 years now their employees are professionally trained and can check the tires in a very short time and give the required information to the customer. You can be sure to get good advice from NTB tire employees.

But it’s not only tires that NTB helps you with but it’s almost everything that can be related to an automobile. The services offered by NTB are as follows:

  • Tire Service and Repair
  • Brakes
  • Routine Services and Filters
  • Alignment
  • Batteries
  • Suspension and Front End
ntb tire

Now these services are very detailed, when it comes to automobile servicing the greater attention given to the detail means greater quality of service for instance if you go to an NTB tires store for routine services and filters there are a number of things you can get checked for example, NTB will check all the lights if you go to them for servicing of head and tail lights, while other service centers will only work on head and tail lights and you will have to pay them extra bucks if you want other lights inspected as well. If you compare the service warranties offered by NTB you’ll find that they are one of the best you can get. This adds as another reason as to why NTB should be your preferred choice of service center for your vehicle.

NTB has partnership with some of the best wheel brands, you can get top of the class and hot favorite rims in the market from NTB. NTB contains a high quality selection range of rims made by the top brands of the world. So if you are looking to put in some new wheels on your ride do not forget to pay a visit to NTB.

ntb tire store

One thing that sets NTB apart from its competitors is the price and deals they offer. You can get great deals at NTB stores; also you can print coupons found on their website, you can get free service inspections, discount on wheels and tires. The deals and prices offered by NTB are one of the best you can get compared to any other tire retailer or service center. Another plus point of NTB tire is that they guarantee that their tire price is lowest compared to other retailers. This can be validated by visiting other tire retailers and by surfing the internet.

If you love to maintain your car in a good condition then you should be a regular customer of NTB. Because all an automobile owner wants for his/her vehicle he/she can get it at NTB tire.

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