National Tire and Battery

National tire and battery is the renowned auto service center. It is the American brand company. This brand was first created by the company named Sears Roebuck and Co. In 1997. They invest more than $500 million to produce diehard battery and tire under a new name, National Tire and Battery (NTB) and it maintain by them till 2003. Then they sold the brand to the TBC corporation, the owner of the brand Big O Tires, Tire kingdom and Merchant Tire chain.

National Tire and Battery Unbeatable Services

• Now coming to the point of view, let’s see how are the services of NTB and what they offer to you? First of all, the quality of the services of the NTB is high class. They off you, trained & certified technicians, over 12000 participating locations nationwide, state of the art equipment. At a great price they provide dependable and expert services. Their wide range of repair diagnostic and maintenance services are provided by the best national service warranties. If you contact for their assistance, they offer the professional care for your car at timely manner. They really give you the commitment, to back you on the road with the best quality product install in your vehicle and installed by the expert technician. They demand that they maintained such criteria as- they always use floor mats, seat cover, and wheel covers. They do the multi point maintenance inspection an explain the result of the inspection. They suggest you the services and only performed the services that you authorized. They provide the guaranty to service and supervise your car by service central certified technicians. While servicing you can surely inspect any respective parts of your car. They surely deliver your car to you within the time limit they committed. They ensure you the service will be done perfectly at the first time and if the same problem returns to your vehicles they committed to solve that by trying to the highest possible level.

At the store they assist you with the available services and those are- Tire service and repair, Oil lube and filters, Routine services & fluids, Batteries , Brakes, Alignment, Suspension and Front End.

National Tire and Batteries

Nation tire and battery have their own product in the market. Along with tire sale , the produce Wipers, DieHard Battery and Wheels. They provide three types of wipers, Premier Wiper Blade, Advantage Wiper Blade, Rear Wiper Blade. They provide DieHard type battery. This service central battery manufactured by Johnson Controis (JCI). These are the high quality and top ratted manufacture, which is distributed by interstate. So service central batteries are provided by original equipments. They offer batteries for automobiles, recreational vehicles, golf care, as an alternative power generation, power sports etc. These batteries are carried high warranty support, free replacement period as high as 35 month and pro-rate warranty is up to 85 months. Among their products two types of wheels are available Service central wheel- 4CAST and Service central – All season wheel. Service central all season wheel are made of high grade aluminum up to. These wheels are great looking along with high performance and certainly with in your bugged. These wheels are available in 14” 15” 16” and 17” size of most passenger cars, mini vans and for other high wait vehicles.
So far it is well known that National Tire and Battery (NTB), are a reputed brand and highly recommended for their dedicated offers and services.

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